It’s official: Nic Case built the fastest r/c car in the world!

Congratulations to Team Castle Racer, Nic Case, who has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the designer, owner and driver of the fastest, battery-powered remote-controlled car in the world!

Nic Case GWR 202mphCase made the run back in late October, documenting his efforts in accordance with Guinness World Record guidelines. He then had to submit his documentation and await Guinness’ validation of his data and his accomplishment. (not that any of us doubted him, but this is what it takes to make it “official”.)

Here is a link to Nic’s record that is now on the Guinness World Records website.

All of us at Castle Creations are proud to have been a part of Nic and his entire team and their relentless pursuit to become the first R/C car to surpass 200 MPH and the effort it took to be recognized as a world record holder. Thank you Nic for believing in and trusting Castle products to help get you there.

And, just because it’s so darn cool, here is the world-record setting video of the spectacular 202.02 MPH run in his custom-built R/C Bullet!

Beta Testers Wanted!

Castle is seeking knowledgeable and experienced R/C enthusiasts to serve as “beta testers” for a wide range of “possible future products” that are being developed for both surface and air vehicles.

beta-testingBeta testing is an important part of the new product engineering and manufacturing processes because it involves “real-world testing” by “real-world R/C enthusiasts”.

Do YOU have what it takes?
Beta testing isn’t for everyone. Depending on the product, beta testing can take a great deal of time and commitment on your behalf. It also requires above-average communication skills and the ability to provide accurate test data and findings back to the product development team.


What’s in it for me?
If you are selected as one of our beta testers and meet all of the requirements of the program, you will be the first group of consumers to receive a production version of the component FREE of charge, along with our unadulterated appreciation and the personal satisfaction of knowing YOU helped bring another cool, industry-leading Castle product to market!


Ready to take the next step?
If you are interested in becoming a Castle Beta Tester, please review Castle Beta Testing Agreement. If you agree to these conditions, are willing and able to meet them, you’ll find a link to the online Beta Tester Application form at the bottom of the agreement.

The information you include in your Beta Tester Application will serve as a database for possible Beta Testers. Once we have a product approaching beta testing that aligns well with the vehicles and power supplies you listed, someone from the Beta Test Program will contact you to finalize your selection to the Beta Test Team.

**Please note: Filling out the Beta Tester Application doesn’t mean that you’re automatically “in” or that you’re going to be selected for a Beta Test. We certainly won’t know about your willingness to be “part of the team” unless you do tell us about your R/C experience and available vehicles!