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Talon HV120 and Castle Link Update

Talon 120HVIf you happen to be one of the owners of the new Talon HV120, you may see a strange pop-up window when trying to connect to the Castle Link. This is what it will look like.


The ESC is still fully programmable and works with 100% functionality on the Castle Link. This pop-up is simply informing you that firmware updates are disabled for the Talon HV120. This is because it is a new product line and there is currently only one firmware version available, hence, no updates.

Since you cannot select a different firmware version, the firmware update option has been temporarily disabled. However, when a new version of firmware is released for the Talon HV120, this notification will disappear.

We are currently working on adapting firmware version 4.20 to the Talon HV120. Version 4.20 is the same version current available for the Phoenix Edge and Phoenix Edge HV series ESCs. Once it is available, this update will allow the Talon HV120 to work on high pole count, high inductance out runner motors like the newer Hacker 28-pole out runners.

Castle Link adapter for Blade 180 CFX helicopter

Castle is proud to have the design and engineering teams at Blade helicopter select our proven and reliable Talon 15 ESC for their all-new E-Flite Blade 180 CFX helicopter. This micro heli (with 700-size features) packs a big 3D performance punch and even features a carbon fiber frame to house all the components.

However, pilots wanting to fine-tune the performance of their Talon 15 controller via Castle Link will need to purchase an adapter from Horizon Hobby. This adapter allows the pilot to connect Castle Link to the 180 CFX’s receiver.

The Horizon “Universal Adapter” retails for $6.99 and is available directly from Horizon Hobby or your favorite Blade retailer.